January 13, 2011

Chastity Belts For Men: Saving Marriages One Dick at a Time

Finally there is a solution to the wandering male. The Chastity Belt For Men offers women some peace of mind in knowing that there husband is not going to screw any gutter bait when he goes on the bachelor party in Vegas. It also apparently solidifies my belief that there are extremely weak men in this world who need nothing more than to have a women control their every move.

" Once he has accomplished the task of conquering he sometimes looses interest (and not necessarily ‘love’) and is on the alert for a new challenge. In the meantime, he finds it very satisfying to go into a fantasy world and take care of his own needs. Have you every wondered why some times he can shower in three minutes and other times it takes ten to fifteen minutes…..I don’t think he is shaving his legs."
So they claim this is empowering to the woman yet they still find a way to subtly put her down. Ingenious. This must be marketed to a mutual submissive relationship. As revolutionary as this may be I think maybe they forgot to take into account that women do THE SAME THING. So I say, "Have you ever noticed water on the floor after the shower? And thought that maybe the shower liner wasn't doing it's job. Well consider that maybe the faucet is doing the job. Or maybe she is not shaving her legs either.

I looked at this and immediately thought this operated the same way you put on a door knob, no sexual innuendo intended there. There is even a curved model for the slightly longer male. I leave you with a testimonial from one happy customer:

"Thanks for the great service I received my CB-2000. My wife locked the CB-2000 in place. She loved the unit and it stayed locked (still on), we live a 7/24 relationship now for almost 8 years and she only allows me out for her gratification and back in. She loved the fact that business travel will no longer even be an issue." -New York-