November 1, 2010

The Stimulus Package

A while back I heard about the "Head O State" (pictured to the right above) and while wondering why these products were not around when Bush was giving us a thorough fucking I was also highly amused at the taglines such as "Make this an erection election to remember!" and "Everybody knows politics is a contact sport." Well today, while visiting Playboy's SFW site, The Smoking Jacket, I found this article on the Obamarator.

The clever name award certainly goes to Head O State and its celebrity endorsement but the Obamarator looks a lot more like the real thing, making the role play a lot more believable, even down to the tie. Plus it vibrates, making that Yes We Can a lot easier to feel. Now, I am not one to get too involved with politics because those that do are equally as annoying as the religious gurus, however, I might start getting more involved if the advancement of presidential dildos continues.

I furthered my search and did find that there was, indeed, a George Dubya Tush butt plug but my guess is the high demand shut down operations at the sweat shops so I am sad to announce that this product is no longer for sale.

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