November 5, 2010

Snuggie Sutra

Once again, I feel so special for knowing about something long before the press got a hold of it and yet another idea I wish my uncreative mind would have thought of first. Snuggie Sutra is exactly what the tag line says it is, "Erotic Fun in Your Blanket with Sleeves". I have been following Snuggie Sutra on Facebook for quite some time now and I laugh with every new politically incorrect position they come out with. If I were not a mother and didn't have to be very cautious about what coffee table books I leave laying around the house then I would definitely keep this one out, however, I really don't care to hear my Princess asking me what The Horse Blanket is, which is my personal favorite.

With names like "The Mel Gibson", "King James", and "Noah's Ark", how could your curious mind not check it out. And these are just the ones we are privy to know about it. I will have to buy the book to find out all the other glorious erotic positions I can defile my snuggie with. And here I thought I was getting something pink to help with Breast Cancer Awareness. Little did I know I landed on a golden shower. Good thing it is machine washable.

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