November 9, 2010

Sexy Bands

For almost every fad there is a, more improved, erotic version and Silly Bandz are no exception. Anyone who is breathing has seen kids of all ages wearing these plastic stretchy bracelets, and now rings, and probably wondered the same thing I have: Who the hell would wear this shit? They don't even coordinate very well but this is coming from someone who grew up when slap bracelets came out cutting everyone so I suppose I should be happy that, at least, they aren't metal and injuring kids (that I know of at least).

Sexy Bands certainly peak my interest as a tasteless adult who loves most things erotic. What better than something that has been patterned after a child's product. I mean, if you have kids and are subjected to such juvenile inventions then you should at least have some adult fun with it too, right? As long as you don't mix the two you should be good. Last thing you want is your daughter walking around school with a super stretchy plastic dick around her wrist. Imagine what might happen when she goes to trade that one. 

So far they have the Party Pack and the Position Pack and luckily they are on sale for $4.99 a pack so get yours today. Soon, they will also have the Stripper Pack, which only leads me to wonder what they will come up with next. Possibly the fetish pack, or the bestiality pack. I have my fingers crossed for the bondage pack.

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