November 23, 2010

Dirty Pillowz

My friend Robert over at pr0g33k sent me a link to these so called Dirty Pillowz, marketed "for lover's of 70's crafts and 70's porn". These are definitely made for someone whose birth year falls either in or before the 70's. Someone from my generation would have googled something along the lines of "porn pillows", "sex pillows" or hell would have just went straight to the Liberator website since we all know this is where you go for sex furniture.

I will commend the creator on putting together the latch hook kit for the elderly to work on after their husband's Extenze has worn off and he has fallen asleep. Nothing like getting back to your knitting after you have rocked your knickers off huh? I wouldn't know as I definitely relate more to to Pocket Porn than knitting your porn. This seems like too arduous of a task for me. I would rather surf the web, point, click and wait for my new toy to arrive in the mail already put together.

I did find another dirty pillow creator who sells pillows already put together but you don't get the 70's carpet feel that you do in the pillow pictured above.

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