November 17, 2010

Because some people need help

I love that while America is so obsessed with hiding nudity that we will place nothing but a finger to cover a nipple yet we have articles like 8 Locations for a Quickie to help enlighten our more vanilla peers on things that seem pretty obvious to the rest of us. Are there really people that need to be told that wearing a skirt is easier for access if you are feeling naughty? I am highly skeptical that there are people out there whose minds are so conservative that they don't venture outside of the bedroom when it comes to sex. I understand that some people are private and that discussions about this are generally frowned upon, but, at the end of the day, I pity the fool that hasn't given in to their primal desires at some point in their life, even if you have to blame it on a "drunken night(s) in college".

Who knows what the cause may be for tapping in to your inner freak but I fully believe that everyone possesses this gift and should tap into it at some point in their life. Sometimes it takes a special someone to help us get there but, undeniably, there is a beautiful feeling in being able to let go of all your inhibitions in order to move your body into a state of euphoria that you naturally crave. Why deny yourself the full potential of this greatness?

In case you need a little more help, a fellow blogger, The Cognitive Slut, has helped out with 100 more places for you to romp around.

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