October 25, 2010

How do YOU measure up?

Finally a condom that puts the money where my mouth is. This will certainly prove or disprove that machismo guy at the bar who always like to brag about how "gifted" he is. If I ever get back to the dating scene, I shall invest in some Condometrics, which is currently still in the manufacturing phase.

I might just have to put some in my purse for the next time I run into that King Douche who thinks his shit is hung lower than the donkeys in Mexico. Apparently these will come in centimeters as well as inches so if you are not feeling too confident in your shaft size then maybe you should opt for the centimeters. It always helps me when I see my weight in kg over pounds. I'm just sayin ...

And remember ....

"By respecting your penis, you respect yourself."


  1. Does it say what the unit (excuse the pun) of measure is on the condom? If not, I'm definitely buying metric centimeters and passing it off as inches. It'll be awesome to be hung with 22.9 inches!

  2. Yeah they will have "inches" for their "English speaking" market, lol