October 26, 2010

Does your truck have Nuts?

ThatsNutz, Truck Nutz, Bulls Balls. Whichever brand you prefer, there is a nut for you out there. I first heard of these a few years ago and have been on the lookout ever since. Even being from the south, I have only seen a few trucks with these on them, however all of which had a lift kit as well as the notorious Calvin sticker pissing on a competitors logo. Coincidence. I think not. Douchebaggery discriminates against no one.

Don't worry ladies. If you don't own a truck or can't possibly think of a way to fit more nutz into your mouth life, they have a solution for you as well. They carry nutz on a keychain as well so you can keep your nutz with you at all times. I am personally thinking about a pair of chrome ones for mine.

Apparently the state of Florida thought the idea of this was so unconstitutional that they now have a ban on these as well as a hefty $60 fine so if you are in the Sunshine state, don't show your Truck Nutz.


  1. i was just thinking about these the other day. i think they need some saggin' post-baby boobs for women my age.

  2. The other day my coworker was trying to brainstorm a way to put something resembling a vagina over the trailer hitch. So far nothing. I like the saggy boobs idea though.